Emile Frankel



Emile Frankel (1993) was born in Melbourne Australia, and completed a Bachelor of Music under the primary guidance of Stuart Greenbaum and Elliott Gyger. Achieving First Class Honours and the highest academic results in composition, he was awarded the Lionel Gell Foundation Scholarship. His work has been performed around Australia and Holland including premiers at The Melbourne Recital Centre and the Muziekgebouw aan’t Ij in Amsterdam. Having just completed a Master’s of Music at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Emile has had Dutch debut performances by Orkest de Ereprijs, and Nieuwe Ensemble. In 2015-16 he was an invited participant of the Young Dutch Composers Meeting in Apeldoorn, Labo #5 in Antwerp, and VERANTWORTUNG3000 in Berlin. Through study with Martijn Padding, Peter Adriaansz and Yannis Kyriakides, Emile’s idiosyncratic style has evolved towards large elaborate performances – combining narrative, video, and lingering sonic backdrops. His research explores the changing conditions of post-internet listening, and the construction of speculative-fiction in sound – representational music projecting towards a haunted future.