Goldentree Goes Tropical

After a busy couple of days making our final preparations for leaving we have finally landed safe and sound in Townsville! We received a blustery and cold farewell from Melbourne and were welcomed by a balmy tropical evening disembarking from the plane onto the tarmac. Thankfully, no issues with expensive instruments and luggage allowance limits!

AFCM volunteers made a great first impression, meeting us at the airport and taxiing our tired and hungry bodies to our accommodation to be greeted by our wonderful host. Whilst it was dark on arrival, we were very excited to already see some of the local wildlife from the balcony when a bandicoot appeared on its evening forage. We are certainly looking forward to waking up tomorrow to the view across Bicentennial Park and the mangroves below.

A quick dinner and cup of tea later and we’re ready to get some shut-eye before kicking of the festival tomorrow with our first coaching with pianist Benjamin Martin.

We'll be regularly posting on instagram & facebook with updates from our trip #goldentreegoestropical


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