Day #2: Early Bird

This afternoon has been significantly more relaxed than yesterday, with no lessons or other engagements to attend. Jacob’s page-turning this morning was certainly a highlight (see Day #1 post), with the rest of our day devoted to the tasks of finding food, picking up a car and exploring as-of-yet unexplored parts of Townsville. Jacob did spend some more time in rehearsal, page-turning for more of the festival artists, but more to come on that later in the week!

With such a full schedule of artists, the logistics of rehearsal space and practice time are a challenge everyone has to cope with. Despite this, we’ve managed to get some quality time to rehearse and workshop our pieces in the spacious rooms available. With 8:30am starts, we’re certainly subscribing to the ‘early bird gets the worm’ philosophy (yes, even the soprano is rehearsing that early)!

Our day was rounded off with a beautiful evening of musical entertainment provided by the Camerata of St John’s. It was a delight to see Amy Dickson (saxophone) perform in the lead up to our coaching time with her later in the week. Island Songs, by Peter Sculthorpe, found wonderful voice in her playing and felt like a fitting musical accompaniment to the surrounding environment of Far-North Queensland.

Tomorrow looks to be another busy day as we prepare for our first public masterclass with David Selig (piano) on Monday.

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