Day #6: Vocalise

My first experience of Concert Conversations with Piers Lane certainly did not disappoint: “inside goss”, stories of life-shaping experiences, very high caliber performances and pumpkin scones. The pumpkins scones were most DEFINITLEY a highlight!

Valda Wilson, Soprano led our second private coaching of the program with a particular focus on the voice. Positive feedback has re-assured us all that our hard work is paying off. This may seem an obvious conclusion, but it can be hard to know if your intentions are being conveyed and interpreted truly by an audience. Such feedback can also help greatly with those pesky negative voices!

In the true style of musical lineage, Valda gave me some very helpful technical ideas and imagery offered to her by other singers and teachers. Through our time with her, she helped me to refine a number of aspects of our performance, including the frequent compromises in our repertoire: the creation of a beautiful sound and clear delivery of text, and balance within the ensemble of timbres, lines and text.

The evening concerts today were devoted to the music of JS Bach, with one addition of CPE Bach with some truly dazzling performances. It is immediately satisfying and inspiring to watch musicians so accomplished in their particular instrumental disciplines perform with such technical clarity and vibrancy. Watching them turn out a concerto, fugue or cantata with such ease inspires one to want to practice more, with a very clear purpose!


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