In 2018 we are commissioning Australian composer, Michael Bakrncev, to create a new mixed-instrumental and vocal chamber work drawing from his Macedonian heritage. 

This will involve engaging in intensive workshops with Michael to learn about the cultural and musical background of his work. Musicians will then develop the techniques to be used in the composition to recreate and re-imagine traditional Macedonian folk-music on Western classical instruments.

The new work will be premiered alongside canon chamber works by Dohnanyi and Szymanowski on October 13, 2018.

This project, “Immersion”, will encourage and develop the collaborative relationships between artists and culturally diverse communities in Australia. We hope that this will lead to more new works created through collaborations between artists and communities.

2018 Commissions Campaign

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Works Commissioned by Ensemble Goldentree

BAKRNCEV, Michael - Om (2018)

Voice, clarinet, horn, string quartet, piano

FRANKELL, Emile - trace_hide and seek (2017)

Soprano, horn & string quartet with tape

LENTHALL, Warren - "Winter" (2015) 

Sorpano, horn, violin, piano 

LYON, May - "The Fate of Phaethon" (2017)

Soprano, horn, string quartet 

LYON, May - "Echo" (2018) 

Soprano, horn 


PEARSON, Natasha - "Song of Us" (2016) 

Soprano, horn, piano 

SMITH, Jessica Lindsay - "Cover Me" (2018) 

Piano quintet ​

TREWARTHA, Louisa - "Memories for a Stranger" (2016) 

Soprano, horn, piano